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Publisher: Bandai Namco
Year: 2009
Genre: Strategy
Media: DVD
Region: NTSC-J
ID#: SLPS-25941
ISO image 3.84 GB; 7-zip archive, packed size 2.60 GB

 At the outset of the game, you may choose a hero from the following characters and series:
● Amuro Ray - Mobile Suit Gundam
● Kou Uraki - Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory
● Kamille Bidan - Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
● Judau Ashta - Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ
● Amurao Ray - Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
● Seabook Arno - Gundam F91
● Uso Ewin - Mobile Suit Victory Gundam
● Domon Kasshu - Mobile Fighter G Gundam
● Heero Yuy - Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
● Garrod Ran - After War Gundam X
● Loran Cehack - Turn-A Gundam (? Gundam)
● Kira Yamato - Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
● Shinn Asuka - Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny
● Setsuna F Seiei - Mobile Suit Gundam 00

» To view the stats of each character before making your choice, press the "TRIANGLE" button and flip through his Character Data (attributes), Character Ability, Unit Ability, and Weapon Data.

» We were feeling old school today so we chose Amuro Ray. Upon pressing the button to select him, he'll yell out in agreement and players may view scenarios based on Generation 1, Generation II, Generation III, or Generation EX.

» We selected Generation 1 and the first mission takes place in the Earth's atmosphere where a crowd of Zakus are amassing. White Base is at the Side 7 colony retrieving Gundam prototypes when the colony is attacked by Zaku marauders. White Base survives the attack but it must now return to the Earth with the prototypes and only Amuro and an RX-78-2 Gundam can defend them from the Zeon attackers. A voice-over explains the situation amidst a barrage of urgent "military: music that got us a little charged up for the fight ahead. We're jaded but we occasionally get excited when we hear urgent military music.

» At the outset of the first mission, White Base appears over Earth and is about to make a desperate landing attempt while being attacked by Zeon. The scene shifts inside the control tower where Bright Noa and crew assess the situation. It's decided that Amuro Ray will take the vanguard to try and hold off the Zaku while White Base provides backup support. Char Aznable and six Zaku exit their cruiser while the White Base, Amuro Ray, and an Earth Federation destroyer are stationed against them. Inside the destroyer are three support units which may be commandeered out of the ship and sent to join Amuro against the Zaku forces.

» The game menu is simple with only three options - MOVE, ATTACK, and GUARD/SKIP TURN. Once the option to MOVE is selected, a grid of available spaces to move to is shown in purple. After all of yourunits have moved, you'll have to select "PHASE CHANGE" (highlight an empty space and press "O" to bring up the menu and press O" again on the first selection) so that the Zaku can do their maneuvers. We noticed that the grunt Zaku will move but Char stays put in the first round. Before an attack commences, you can choose to view the battle animation by pressing "O" or skip it by pressing "SQUARE" on the Dual Shock. The animations are great for the first few times but you might want to skip them after the 11th viewing. Amuro has a sweet ball 'n chain attack where the RX-78-2 throws out a spiked metal ball that smacks a Zaku not once but twice and does about 5000HP worth of damage. When the second round starts, Char will target Amuro with an artillery attack but we hit him right back with the trusty ball and chain. Whenever Char and Amuto attack each other, they'll have short conversations which are shown by way of communication flashes on screen to add to the drama.

» After deafeating the Zakus and Char, the battle commences between the Earth Federation units and the Zaku battlecruiser which has 25000HP.

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